What Is Role Playing

Role playing is acting as if you were the character in the game. This will involve moving and speaking only as if you knew what your in-game character knows. You will not be allowed to act on knowledge you as a player are privy to. In AmrA3 Zeus, this will operate thusly: players will be able to use Direct Chat to talk with civilians in Kavala. Civilians will respond using Direct Chat to the players. (At this time all non-players will be voice acted by Zeus, until Bohemia implements voice puppeting for Zeus, which is forthcoming.) Based on conversations that occur in the game in this manner players will organize and behave according to their intel and their desires. Again, those desires will be based upon the character, NOT the player. All players will have to write very short and simply bios about their characters: where they’re from, what their politics are like, what their life is like in Altis, what their religious influences are, etc.

I wrote a much more in depth example of how this all looks in the forum under the thread “What is role playing?”

Watch U.S. Marines role playing with civilian contractors wearing hadji costumes at 29 Palms Desert Viper, here:

What is ArmA 3 Zeus? Watch this video:

What Is Role Playing

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