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This is the home page of my ArmA 3 Zeus Tactical Role Playing campaign. It will be an episodic campaign, featuring a continuous sotryline and continuous character development, using recurring characters that are played by ArmA gamers like you and me. These recurring characters are expected to “role play” their parts and contribute to the development of the plot. These players are expected to show up faithfully every week at the same time of day to participate in the story with the characters they are playing. When your character dies, you will have to write up a new one. Whenever your character wants to do something that is not governed by the ArmA game mechanic, it will be resolved by other means.

This is not a team death match, capture the hill, or any other type of competitive recreational game. This is primarily a creative story telling affair, using ArmA 3 Zeus as a sandbox where we can share the story together. And shoot people in the face, of course. This is not a game that you can just show up for and jump in; it is not a pick-up game per se, although pick-up players may have a possibility in a “supporting role”. All players must be vetted. All players must participate in building the story and making it a convincing, realistic, memorable, and fun story.

Please reference the left hand side of this website and visit each of the tabs there: especially the forum, calendar, wiki, and characters.

In order to start Creating A Character Concept that you’d like to role play, check out the Story So Far on the wiki tab. In fact, go through all the wiki pages by clicking on the “see all pages” button on the right hand side of the wiki homepage. At some point you’re going to have to sign up for your free Obsidian Portal account, which will give you full access to the forums, schedule, and invitation system. Send me a private message through Obsidian and I will “invite” you to the campaign.


Home Page

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