Creating A Character Concept

The first thing you’ll need to do is create your free Obsidian account. This will give you access to the forums, calendar, character, and invitation features of Obsidian Portal. I will invite you to the campaign, and you can upload your character info.

The first step in creating a character is to read the info I’ve provided on the Campaign Wiki page. This will give you ideas about which nationality or philosophy you will play as. It will help you make sure your character fits into the story without sounding too implausible. If you want to play a Jamaican Rastafarian drug dealer that lives on a Greek island that is run by Fundamentalist Muslims, I don’t think it will work, unless you are a pro and can creatively make it work.

Information about your character must include their basic physical description: age, height, weight, build (body type), appearance (clothing, hairstyle) and anything else people would notice right up front before you speak or act.

You must also write information about what your character knows. This is important because there will be situations in the game that cannot be resolved by the ArmA game mechanics (which are mostly tailored to shooting people in the face). If your character decides to equip his neighborhood watch with a trunking digital radio system running through a mobile duplex repeater, you better have something in your character bio regarding comms experience or training. If you want to attach a photo of your character, feel free to do so.

Creating A Character Concept

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